One thing that we’ve noticed is that most business owners are busy running their business. They don’t have time to worry about their website – updating content, making regular backups, updating software and plugins, etc.

Blue Eye Group provides  Professional Website Management as a Value Added service available to customers as an option to our other services. What do we provide in our PWM service?

  • Daily backups of your complete hosted website, database, Email, etc.
  • Monitoring of system functions to ensure five 9’s  (99.999%) up-time.
  • Updating plugins and system software as needed to prevent hacking and system issues.
  • Monitoring and tracking of server usage to identify attacks and ensure that your website is always available.
  • Provide updates to content and ongoing dynamic changes to keep your website ‘fresh’ to search engines.
  • Available to answer your questions regarding your website and online marketing needs.

(Professional Website Management services require hosting by Blue Eye Group LLC through our in-house hosting service)


For more information on our Professional Website Management services please call 414-731-0450 or use the form below.

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