Is Your Website A Lead Machine?

Regardless of your industry or whether you want local or national leads, we can help. Create your own lead generator on your very own website. This ensures that you own each and every lead generated by visitors to your website. If you’ve struggled to get your lead generator to work the way that you want it to, we can help.

Note: Leads can be walk-in customer traffic if you are a retail business.

Truth is that most people today go to the Internet and plug into a search engine like Google to find what they are looking for. If your website isn’t showing up on page one, then you aren’t going to get any leads! Let us get you to page one…

The Best Leads come from Your Website!

There will always be lead providers, but why not turn your website into a Lead Machine. When potential customers come to your website they see all aspects of your business. They see where you are located and they tend to pick up the phone and call or just come in.

We turn your website into a Lead Machine! Why buy leads from a company who sells the same leads to multiple businesses?  The customer will only buy from one source, so what good is it to have multiple businesses calling the same customer? The problem is that some lead providers, turn that lead into 5, 10, 15, even 20 leads that they sell to different businesses. Now imagine how that customer feels when 5- to 20 different businesses are calling all tell him or her how great their company is?

Why Use The Internet To Generate Leads?

  • The Internet is the New Yellow Pages
  • The Internet is open 24 Hours 7 Days
  • Most people use the Yellow Pages as a door stop.
  • Most people do not watch commercials on TV since DVR’s.
  • Most people do not listen to the radio since iPods, XM Radio and CD’s.
  • Most people do not read the newspaper any more unless they are at Starbucks.
  • You can track Visitors, Phone Calls, eMails and Sales.

Do you have Multiple Sites?

This is a very easy way to show up in your competitors search results and direct traffic back to your main site. When you search for your site in the “Natural Searches” do you find it? Are your competitors MAD that Your site shows up in their search results? If Not! Call 414-731-0450 – Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

How we do it.

We apply our knowledge of how search engines are used to locate relevant information on the Internet to build a lead generator for your specific market, location and targeted leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely critical to the success of your lead generator.

Our more than 10 years of experience puts us in a unique position to build your lead generator right the first time. Our web design service takes into account your SEO needs before we start.

Added performance and lead gathering acceleration can be experienced with Search Engine Marketing or PPC. This gives your lead generator an added boost as it makes your website even more visible to those targeted leads you are trying to attract.

We can get started building your lead generator today!


What we can do for you right now…

We can get:                                                                     With these services:

Your phone to ring with new prospects
New buying customers through your doors
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Ongoing Support


Potential customers to find you at the very moment they want to spend money
  • Google Maps
  • Google Places
  • Yelp marketing


Existing customers to buy more on command Email Marketing & Mobile Text Marketing
Customers to refer new business (friends) Social Media Marketing
Improved online reputation Reputation Management
More time to run your business and improve your bottom line Professional Management Services

Let me show you how we are helping other businesses, just like yours …

We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years. I will share with you some very important information that you probably haven’t heard from anyone before. Sorry to say but this information is what is preventing your website from becoming the Highly Visible, new customer gathering machine that it should be right now…

Some facts you need to know about the Internet, your website, and Internet marketing…

  • There are over 10 billion searches a month in the US on Google alone!
  • 50% of those searches are from a mobile device – smartphone, iPad, mobile computer, etc.
  • 86% of the US population has a mobile device that allows them access to the Internet & Google.
  • 67% of search users use Organic or natural search results when purchasing.
  • 80% of people find phone numbers for businesses on Google.


90% of OFFLINE businesses don’t spend
anything on Search Engine Optimization
and don’t market their business to their
local market via Search Engines.


If you would like to discuss how our SEO services will make your website visible to the search engines, and how we can get new customers can find you, please contact us right away so that we can correct this obvious oversight. We can show you how to better spend your marketing budget and get a much better return on your marketing investment.


For more information on our Lead Generation services, please call 414-731-0450 or fill out the form below.

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    Note: Leads can be walk-in customer traffic if you are a retail business.